The Sketchy Thiccanfot Shuffle

20 October 2023

  • We were in the sketchiest part of town. The doors opened and the scent of beer, stale pizza and tobacco permeated into our souls. The sign said music instrument swap, but this was by no means an adequate description. Two hookers, looking thicc and fot immediately hit on us. Weird
    Keith F avatarKeith F3/26/23 7:06pm
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  • These two thicc and fot hookers were even sketchier than this part of town. They kept trying to kiss us in the "Music Instrument Swap" that really seemed like a weird bar. We pushed them back but noticed something. One hooker's hands were piano keys, the other's were flutes.
    Raj C avatarRaj C3/26/23 7:16pm
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  • "Waitaminnit!" we said, "Are you two the Zynda Sisters?" Their eyes lit up. "You've heard of us?" We shook their instrument-shaped hands, almost kissing them like royalty. "We grew up on your music," we said. "Our grampa was a huge fan. Had all your records." The sisters blushed.
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C3/26/23 8:10pm
  • I said “my favorite song was ‘Hey Mister, Have You Seen Our Weasel?’”. She said “Oh mine was ‘Waffle Time’, what a great song!” The Sisters blushed. “So are you performing here in Vegas?” I asked, hopefully.
    Sean K avatarSean K4/13/23 12:36pm
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  • “You bet!” The sisters said in unison. “We’re your private dancers!” They began to shimmy a la Tina Turner as my jaw dropped to the floor.
    Robin D avatarRobin D10/17/23 9:56pm
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The End