Le Fromage à la Campagne

26 March 2023

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  • Había una vez un señor que vivía en una montaña.
    Joaquín T3/18/23 10:33pm
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  • ... and the mountain was covered in cheese, not just any cheese, but pepper jack cheese, so you always had to wear shoes...
    K T avatarK T3/18/23 11:21pm
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  • as shoes are important to ensure your feet don't get stuck in the pepper jack cheese mountain. So as I trekked up the cheesy mountain, I saw a really strange-looking cheese person in the distance. I wondered who that could be when they suddenly teleported in front of me. "Hi."
    Raj C avatarRaj C3/19/23 2:50pm
  • “In the world of cheese, it is very difficult to accomplish things, and I’m so mad because my hands don’t work properly and I don’t wanna do anything because it will degrade the quality of my cheesy body!” exclaimed the cheesy man. “But I know there is something out there for me”
    Keith F avatarKeith F3/21/23 6:30pm
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  • My heart went out to the Cheesy Man. We traveled the globe to find his purpose. Just as we were going to give up, we came to a town outside of Naples where people were making the world's largest lasagna. "We're out of cheese!" cried the chef. At last Cheesy Man's time had come.
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C3/24/23 5:12am
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The End