Our Change

Moving Faster Than We Thought

24 March 2023

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    Today came faster than I thought that it would. Noah and Jackson packed the very last box into the moving truck and chatted while I sat in the passenger seat of Jackson's K-5. Jackson must have seen my anxiety, because he waved Noah off and sat in the truck beside me.
    Byline Author3/21/23 5:45pm
  • "How are you feeling?" asked Jackson as he joined me in the truck and wrapped his arm around me. I sighed. "I'm just feeling very anxious about moving in together in our own house. There's just so much to think about. It's very overwhelming. How do we become true homeowners?"
    Raj C avatarRaj C3/22/23 5:06am
  • “Hah! What’s gotten into you? What happened to the fun-loving Delilah that would chase me through the field on our long summer walks? Just think about how much fun we’ll have decorating together!” he turned me around, eye to eye. “We are already the king and queen of this home!”
    Keith F avatarKeith F3/23/23 6:51pm
  • “Is this a game to you? Is that what life is? One big game. Let’s be carefree! You’ll be the little king and I’ll be queeny and clean up your messes like a queen. I’ve got news for you Jackson, we live together now and it’s my rules under this roof just like it was for my mom.”
    A P avatarA P3/23/23 7:13pm
  • Jackson didn't speak for 3 days after that. He fixed the one window that stuck & replaced the washer in the faucet wordlessly. On day 4 Delilah confronted him about it. "How long are you going to give me the silent treatment?" she asked. He shrugged. "I just have nothing to say."
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C3/23/23 8:19pm
  • It wasn't my fault, I thought this house was better than this. I'm sorry I got duped into buy this house without your consent, it's a money pit... It's ok Jackson said. I love you more that words can say, it's not you that I'm angry at it's... There was a knock at the door...
    K T avatarK T3/23/23 8:28pm
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    I went to open the door, but Jackson stopped me. Instead he opened the door. A man stood there, almost taller than Jackson. They started talking, ignoring me. When Jackson tried to close the door, the man fought back, trying to push it open.
    Byline Author3/23/23 8:47pm
  • The man succeeded in pushing the door open and slammed it into Jackson's arm. I screamed. The man walked into the house and looked around. Jackson was in a daze. I dialed 9-1-1. The man came back with our piggybank in hand. After my 9-1-1 call I threw my phone at the man's face.
    Raj C avatarRaj C3/23/23 9:46pm
  • Jackson got up and kicked the man right in the balls. The man immediately fell to the ground…dead. I jumped into Jackson’s arms crying. “How can we be happy in this home when on our first day here there’s a body on our floor?” Jackson lifted my head. “Because we have each other!”
    Keith F avatarKeith F3/23/23 11:01pm
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  • That’s when I remembered the bottles of lye we found in the shed. I’m not letting a dead body keep me from our dream of being together forever. I told Jackson to bring the body into the pink bathroom and drop him into the claw foot tub. “I’m not dead!” cried the dead body.
    A P avatarA P3/24/23 12:04am
  • "Holy cats!" Jackson cried & dropped the Dead Body in the hall outside the bathroom. "Did you hear that? She said she's not dead!" Slowly, the Dead Body moved to a sitting position on the floor. "What'd you hit me with," she moaned, "a snow shovel?" It dawned on me who this was.
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C3/24/23 4:58am
  • It wasn't a she, but a "he" his name was Brian Wilson and he said she sang for some group called the Beach Boys. He told has I waited a few minutes more the rest of the group was going to be there to sing the the surprise housewarming party. Good Vibrations...
    K T avatarK T3/24/23 10:13am
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The End