The Impassioned Man

15 November 2022

  • A crossroads. The man thought long and hard before turning left. He counted his steps as he went, as though counting would slow down his inevitable and unwanted arrival at the hospital.
    Jack H avatarJack H11/11/22 10:49am
  • Deep down in his mind, he is fully aware of his sickness and the emergency ringing that he has to go to the hospital to cure himself. But in his heart, he knows that right the moment he steps into the hospital, he will no longer be the breadwinner in his family.
    Kim A avatarKim A11/11/22 11:01am
  • So he decided to stay home, he wanted to be respected by his family. His condition was manageable at the moment but it was slowly getting worse.
    Lukáš H avatarLukáš H11/11/22 11:06am
  • He didn't want to stay home. He lived in a very small house. At least he heard birds chirping outside of his window. He was mad that his condition affected his life. He wanted to change his life, and future and get rid of his condition. Sadly he didn't know how.
    isa T11/11/22 11:16am
  • He did not stay at home later, he went outside and enjoyed the world more, but the troubles he had we still there and they did not walk away. His condition got better, but walking outside was the only thing he could do. But still, he believed that to will get better... and
    Kryštof C11/11/22 11:20am
  • he knew that staying positive was the only way to improve his health. The man looked deeply into his own soul and what he saw shocked him. He had the power. He was the one who could cure his disease. Now he just needed one more thing: A reason to keep fighting. The end.
    Jack H avatarJack H11/14/22 12:49pm

The End