Requiem for a Chilidog

27 May 2023

  • Sonic dies of death and it's very sad :(
    Quastar avatarQuastar5/16/23 5:23am
  • BA
    No one could have been prepared for the shocking news with which they were greeted when they woke up that fateful autumn morning.
    Byline Author5/19/23 1:42am
  • Mars would no longer sell the "Kong-Sized" 3 Musketeers bar. "No one needs that much nougat," declared J. F. Mars, the company's CEO. "Besides, it's just a stripped down Milky Way, which is just a stripped down Snickers." But, little did he know, Lora Fox needed that much nougat.
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C5/24/23 5:36pm

The End