Three Heroes, Two Demons, and One Really Big Sword: Part II

We lost the sword and the demons but we're definitely still three heroes

18 March 2023

This story is a sequel

I gripped the sword more firmly than before and lowered my gaze. “You don’t fool me,” I said hefting the sword above my shoulder. The girl reared back hissing at me as she seemed to burst into the form of another demon. With a swing, I cleaved head from body. “Now where were we.”
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  • Mark, Nick, and Leo all became legends after their thousand-demon hunting crusade rid hospitals of demons all over the land. Their single gigantic sword that they wielded together was the key to their success. That is why they panicked when one day their sword went missing.
    Raj C avatarRaj C3/13/23 2:45am
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    Almost like a coincidence, a strange girl had moved to the town. Beautiful, shy, and kind. Aveail. That's what everyone called her. Mostly, people saw her in the forest, surrounded by wildlife. The people who hated her in the town called her Snow White. Aveail works at a library.
    Byline Author3/13/23 11:48am
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  • We headed into the forest to look for her. We walked the trail that took us around the lake and admired the crisp autumn air and colorful deciduous trees. We came to the end of the trail and Leo threw up his arms. “Well she’s not here two let’s head back!” But just as we turned
    Keith F avatarKeith F3/14/23 1:55pm
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  • a giant wolf, as tall as a large horse, sauntered on to the path. It smiled and said “just the adventurers I was looking for! You may not recognize me in this body, it’s new but I like it quite a bit. It’s a nice change to be… fearsome.”
    Sean K avatarSean K3/17/23 12:36am
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  • We played 20 Questions to guess the wolf's identity. "Were you someone we met at the hot springs?" "No." "Did you ever kiss any of us?" "On the cheek." "Were you bigger than a breadbox?" Then little Sammy jumped up, beaming. "I know who you are! I recognize your smell, Grandma!"
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C3/17/23 9:59pm
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The End