Infinity Maze

Finding Purpose is an Eternal Struggle

18 March 2023

  • I was trapped in Infinity Maze, a maze so large and complex and intricate that it spanned entire light-years and engulfed entire solar systems. The walls around me forced me to choose between one of several directions to see if I could make it back to my home planet.
    Raj C avatarRaj C3/16/23 2:13am
  • It was the great disaster of 2031 that had put me here many centuries ago. Before I had been one of the leading scientists in worm hole research. But then the accident happened and trapped all living things in this maze, forever locked in a deathless state between dimensions.
    Greg P3/16/23 8:29am
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  • BA
    All I know left is a woman I see running around sometimes. When I look at her, she painfully runs away, looking back at me. Sometimes I want to follow her, but why would I do that? We could be all that's left as far as we know.
    Byline Author3/16/23 4:00pm
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  • But who am I kidding? I would never be able to catch her. I don't know her, but she's definitely fit. Fitter than me. She's always dressed in some kind of yoga pants with a tactical vest... her hair tied back in a tail. If I was going to catch her, I'd need to trap her.
    John K avatarJohn K3/17/23 4:26am
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  • And you know that just sounded BAD. I don’t want to trap anyone! What I want to do is entice her. That’s why I’m working on baking the most appetizing pie in the world!
    Sean K avatarSean K3/17/23 9:19pm
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The End