1 October 2023

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    Saki wept and wept. How could Hadi DO this to her. All of a sudden, a man sat down next to her. Ethan? He went to her school! But he was great friends with Hadi... "Go away," Saki sniffed. Ethan frowned, and wrapped his arms around Saki in a hug.
    Byline Author9/3/23 1:31am
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  • The Quarterback of the school team nonetheless. It was unexpected at least. "Go! Away!" she repeated. "I.. Love you Saki. You ah.. My friend..." this magnificent athlete became a hugging fat alcoholic. Saki realized he had a beer and his balls out, hanging from his trousers.
    D D avatarD D9/27/23 3:39pm
  • “Hey darlin,” he slurred, “give ‘em a good Saki, will ya?” She stared at the magnificent footballs beneath his trousers, as she tried to figure a way out. Of course! Reeling all the way back, she gave a firm kick to his balls, scoring a touchdown. The entire football team jumped.
    Jacob S avatarJacob S9/29/23 9:40am
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The End