Ostrich Hole

26 March 2024

  • “Vroom vroom” said the ostrich sadly. “I need three more characters to post this.”
    cool. C12/21/23 3:54am
  • "I'll help," said the meerkat. "Me too!" said the gazelle. "You can count on me!" said the tortoise. So the three helpful characters & the ostrich went to the post office together. They were so happy they sang—until they saw the wait time. "Three hours?" groaned the ostrich.
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C1/30 3:52pm
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  • “Since we have to wait so long, how about a little race around the building?” said the gazelle. She got antsy if she had to stand still too long. “I’m game,” said the tortoise. The meerkat and ostrich started taking bets from the other customers at the post office.
    Andrea C avatarAndrea C2/4 3:32pm
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  • A giant sinkhole appeared, swallowing all of the current protagonists like a tiny black hole. They disappeared into the nothingness. Onlookers came over the following weeks to mourn the deceased, or so they thought!
    Luke K3/10 12:22am
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  • The sinkhole opened wide, as they all fell into its gaping chasm. “Feed me more,” it bellowed, “bring me their souls, for I am the pit of doom and despair! All will tremble before me! Muhahaha!” And the sinkhole became larger until it consumed the planet. Next stop: the universe.
    Jacob S avatarJacob S3/24 10:25am
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The End