Emerald Eyes

5 March 2021

  • Finally after 3 years of searching, I had found my little sister. There was only one problem, directly on top of the cage that she was locked in slept an emerald green elder dragon.
    Michael K
    3/2 5:57am
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  • Why didn't the cage crumple under its weight? I don't know. Was my sister even alive? I didn't know that either. I crept around the boulder that shielded me from the dragon's eyes and took a closer look. There she was, but the emerald eyes that used to shine looked so hollow and
    Kara S3/2 11:07am
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  • vapid. He pulse was faint but I knew my sister’s will was strong. She might live if I could get to a hospital but there seemed to be no way to get her out without drawing the dragon’s attention. I knew I would have to find a way to distract it.
    Tracie+L M3/3 3:15pm
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  • The dragon’s body seemed to be in a constant state of motion, its muscles rolled continuously under those green scales. I didn’t have anything on me, and I was going to heft my sister onto my shoulders to get her away. I looked to the left of the beast and yelled to no one, “Now!
    A P
    3/3 7:00pm
  • To my great surprise, several thugs I hadn’t known were there all lunges at the dragon in unison. The dragon was just as caught off guard as I was, but I couldn’t afford to waste any time marveling. Instead, I grabbed my sister and ran in the opposite direction. “It’s ok,” I told
    Sunny A
    3/4 9:24pm
  • her as we ran. My feet moved so fast that it almost felt like I was flying. I could tell she was scared and I was scared as well. However, I couldn’t show it in front of her. I didn’t wanna make her panic even more and I sure as hell didn’t wanna admit I was afraid.
    Lauryn Z
    3/5 5:12am

The End