Whose line is it Anyway !

31 March 2021

  • Suddenly the room went dark. Sam, Miguel & Michael were all alone now. The visitors were gone. An eerie quiet settled in the bedchamber. Then whispers began “Do you guys hear that”? Asked Michael. The two nodded in unison. They listened together as the whispers turned to chants..
    Michael K avatarMichael K3/2/21 10:47pm
  • “Uh oh,” Michael said, lowering his voice to a whisper. “That doesn’t sound good. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think we were about to be sacrificed to some ethereal being.” The chanting continued as the three brothers looked at one another in horror. “Any ideas?” asked Sam.
    Sunny A avatarSunny A3/4/21 9:27pm
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  • "Well," declared Dave. "Start screaming and thrashing?" Michael gulped as he looked around. "They're screaming louder than we ever can..." "Then start uttering curses. If they're religious maybe they'll stop in fear or something." Sam started uttering the foulest words he could
    Kara S3/10/21 7:35am
  • but to his and Dave’s surprise, Michael started singing. “Oh these be seven curses, on a judge soooo cruel...” Sam broke off swearing to stare. “Is this really the time for Bob Dylan?” “No, no, keep going; I think it’s working!” Dave said, peering into the gloom surrounding them.
    C. S avatarC. S3/21/21 6:15pm
  • Michael began again but, unsure of the words, he had to improvise. “That one doctor will not save him... errr, that two something will not something. Oh Christ - I can’t remember!” He looked to the others but no help came. “Try something else,” said Dave. “How about Paul Simon?”
    Paz W3/28/21 10:52pm
  • He Screamed out, "Rosemary and time!". And collapsed to the floor
    Josh C avatarJosh C3/29/21 10:55am

The End