What about Fluffy?

8 March 2023

  • The Millers lived in an ordinary house, on an ordinary street, in an ordinary town. They even had an ordinary (ish) dog called Fluffy, but the Millers weren't an ordinary family - oh no. They had one specific trait that made them different:
    Daenary B2/20/23 10:59am
  • They can read minds. They can feel what in the one's heart. It was disturbing for them at first and confusing, But with time they got used to it.
    Yara D avatarYara D2/23/23 11:35pm
  • Sam looked around the smoky dive bar, in a new light. They were feeling the thoughts of all of these poor people. Mr. Tank Top shooting pool with a cigarette on his lip. Thinking about his father teaching him how to hold a cue. Sam’s headache throbbed as they saw it, too.
    A P avatarA P2/24/23 8:06pm
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  • “Haha” Sam laughed. His smile cracked open from the side and he shook his head. He knew his father would have thought the same thing; and with that he took the shot. The cue knocked in the 7, the 13, around the back and with just enough force knocked in the 8. They stared in awe
    Keith F avatarKeith F2/26/23 2:01pm
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  • The crowd collectively gasped, then broke into cheers. Sam had won the match, and would be competing in the world pool championship. In 5 days he would face the 7 greatest cue wielders in the world.
    Sean K avatarSean K3/6/23 3:11am

The End