The Road from Eldoria

26 March 2024

  • In the quiet town of Eldoria, where cobblestone streets held the whispers of forgotten tales, an unusual antique shop seemed to just appear overnight.
    Sarah F avatarSarah F12/18/23 12:23pm
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  • It's appearance had gone unnoticed by the residents of Eldoria, and most couldn't keep their eyes fixed on its structure anyway, It hovered in peoples peripheral vision never clear but always there.
    Lilie A1/14 4:28pm
  • Some people could see it, and tried to warn their friends and neighbors. They called it “Foiveghee tower”, and claimed it sent malignant magics through the air to sicken people.
    Sean K avatarSean K1/18 3:29am
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  • One of those who could see the tower dreamed of a glittering gem that could seal the tower forever, but it was lost to the world. If only someone could find it, the sickness could finally be cured.
    Schmendrick M avatarSchmendrick M2/11 3:40pm
  • So they woke up and grabbed their pickaxe, heading straight to the mines to find this ever elusive emerald. And once they’d found it they entered a portal straight to the end, ready to seal the tower once and for all. But it wouldn’t be easy — they needed to deal with the Dragon.
    Jacob S avatarJacob S3/24 10:00am

The End