Revenge to....Taco Bell?

6 April 2021

  • I could watch everything they had done but this, this had crossed a line so far into the dark that the shadows were afraid of it, this heinous act had been so vilifying that the devil himself was ashamed of it, I watched them do it, and.. I let it happen, I grabbed the sword and
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    Physics O
    3/27/21 5:31am
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  • rammed it straight into nearest member of the cult. Surprised, they began to charge me. One by One I cut them down, my next attack an overhead swing cleaved a man from collarbone to pelvis. Thirty-three people lay dead at my feet by the time my bloodlust had abated. They deserved
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    Michael K
    3/29/21 1:33am
  • no remorse. Remains of their human victims were now inseparable from the mass of dead cultist flesh. Ironic, I thought. “Thanks for the sacrifice,” I said to the spirits I knew to be lingering above us. My skin began to smoke and char from within. The smell of sulphur filled the
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    A P
    3/31/21 5:46pm
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  • place, I don't know if it was the spirits that were doing something with the human remains. I felt something strange inside of me...
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    Leyre G
    4/1/21 5:00pm
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  • I was being commanded by some unseen force. Or maybe it was just gas—hard to tell, honestly. There's a fine line between too much Taco Bell and demonic possession.
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    Lynsie L
    4/5/21 10:41am
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  • Just as I felt that I would bubble over and see a demon emerge from my body, cackling, there came a massive rumbling in my guts which quickly moved downward. I scrambled for the bathroom, not ready for what was coming, but thanking my stars that at least it wasn’t possession.
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    Sunny A
    4/6/21 6:13pm
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The End