Burning down the house

29 October 2023

  • Cyrus Valentine had always been in charge of the household. Her father was in and out of jail and her mother often spent her time flirting with the gas station attendees on main, or shooting up anything she could find.
    Gracelynn W7/18/23 8:53pm
  • She was unique, unlike any others, Probably due to her upbringing. She was very hot-headed, if nothing went her way she would cause chaos. Everything had to be perfect.
    li V7/27/23 8:00am
  • BA
    If things weren't perfect.. well, people knew how that went. She would throw a tantrum, knocking down everything, and I mean everything. So why was the fire pit dirty and unclean... and she wasn't yelling?
    Byline Author9/4/23 7:07pm
  • That was because when the girl attempted to kick the fire pit, it suddenly spoke in an echoed voice! "Excuse me, young woman," said the fire pit. "Y-you...you can t-t-talk?" stammered the girl in shock. The sentient fire pit sounded rather unamused.
    GM S9/21/23 8:21pm
  • “Yes I can talk. It’s not a big achievement, even rude young humans can talk.” The flames crackled, then cackled. “Talking isn’t my main concern, burning is my true passion. Tell me why I shouldn’t burn you to a nice char?”
    Sean K avatarSean K10/26/23 3:41pm

The End