Neko team's 1st story!

A story about Mascat, his dealer the black cat, and their successful AI youtube channel

26 April 2023

  • It all started when MasCat the cat couldn't find his stash of catnip. He looked everywhere - under his bed, behind the litter box, inside the fish's castle, in the underwear drawer - but he couldn't find it! Suddenly, the phone rang...
    Ariel H avatarAriel H4/13/23 6:50pm
  • He answers the phone and its his roomate:"bro I had to run early this morning and I took your last stash, I ranout sorry. I bought some more but you had to pick it up you know where, bye gota go" and hangs up. MasCat gets even more stressed, puts on the jacket on and goes out...
    Lukas R avatarLukas R4/13/23 10:43pm
  • "What a start to my day," thought MasCat. "Now I have to go pick up my stuff all the way across town and probably be late to work. I sure hope my roommate pays me back after all of this!" MasCat sighs, and heads off to the bus station.
    Brett B avatarBrett B4/14/23 5:26pm
  • As MasCat walks to the bus station, it begins to downpour! With no umbrella on hand, he can do nothing to prevent getting soaked.
    Jasmine M4/17/23 4:43pm
  • BA
    "I guess it's true black cats bring bad luck cause I can't see how this can go any worse!" thinks MasCat as the rain starts pouring on top of his head. Plop...plop..plop...
    Byline Author4/19/23 10:21am
  • plop… Before MasCat finished that thought, he saw a scurrying black shadow. Yes, that’s what you think. A black cat crossed the path of a black cat. Now that the amount of bad luck has doubled, all that’s left to do is to face it.
    Beata K4/20/23 7:27am
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  • Mascat and his new friend wanted to prove to the world that black cats are fun and friendly and they have nothing to do with bad luck. It is only an evil rumor.
    Lirit T4/20/23 8:37pm
  • and so they decided to create a YouTube channel. They would post their silly adventures around the world, sharing kindness and laughs.
    Sonia W4/21/23 6:26pm
  • But they didn't know what resolution/aspect ratio they should use, in fact, no one had the answer back then.
    Or O4/21/23 6:40pm
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  • So they thought that the best idea was to ask to the ancients TechGods, who existed since the origin of the Internet
    Isaac R4/24/23 10:02pm
  • "Oh ancient ones. Ye who see all... Uh ChatGPT... Doth it mean us harm? Also, any word on our next meal? Your bestie, JT". And thundering yonder Google Clouds, spoke these words: "01001110 01101111". Which means, "No... No???" Argh, if only we hadn't used all 3 wishes on beer!
    Tyronne H4/25/23 9:29pm
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  • Eventually, they came to the realization that they were too drunk to articulate what had occurred. As a solution, they ventured into the office's time machine enabling them to travel back a few hours and delete every thing that happened. The end
    Ofir L4/26/23 4:29pm

The End