The Gift That Didn't Give Much

10 April 2021

  • If I’d actually believed it was possible, I never would have done it.
    Lynsie L avatarLynsie L4/4/21 4:15am
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  • How could I have done that? I feel like the worst person there is, now how will I solve this big problem that I did, she will not forgive me in life
    Leyre G avatarLeyre G4/4/21 11:00am
  • I knew I would have to redeem myself so I decided that I would buy the most lavish and expensive gift I could think of.
    Mel S4/4/21 9:08pm
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  • I'd realized that giving expensive gifts fixes everything and that if I do this then I will redeem all of my past actions, "Besides, I see people give gifts to random people all the time when they screw up and nobody ever gets mad at them Im sure that this plan will have no rep-
    Physics O avatarPhysics O4/6/21 9:25pm
  • I was wrong all along... There was a reputation. But how? I must have been so dumb to think no rep at all
    Emma M avatarEmma M4/9/21 4:49pm
  • After a few days of eating nothing but potato and drinking nothing but oj m, she gave in and told me what was wrong with her. She said, "I've got a disorder.“ “When I have no idea what a story is about…well, I just try things. Sometimes it’s ok, but sometimes— ” I nodded.
    A P avatarA P4/10/21 2:46am

The End