Eat your cake and make a break for it too

16 November 2023

  • "Stop," ordered Marcos, sternly. He gazed at the cake in Eden's hand. "You can't have your cake and eat it too." "Marcos, leave me alone. This is my cake! This is my birthday," she explained. "I can eat as much as I want." Marcos was furious as she started to gobble his piece.
    Clara avatarClara8/31/23 12:21am
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    "Eden," Marcos warned. "If you don't stop eating that cake, I WILL take it from you." "No!" Eden said with her mouth full. "You can't make me! Go away! I'm not sharing!"
    Byline Author9/2/23 12:44am
  • The hopelessness in Marcos voice had started to emerge sometime after the tenth time he’d said those same words to Eden. He was beginning to feel it maybe no good, it had been four days since eden first sat. The table was coursed, Eden trapped to starve by its cruel illusion.
    Leroy M9/17/23 5:01am
  • But maybe there was a solution: what if they could trick the table? If he sat down on one of the chairs, becoming the new victim, it could possibly free Eden. 'Eden,' Marco said, 'I'm going to count. On my sign, get up as quickly as possible.' He hoped she had enough energy left.
    Eva . avatarEva .10/9/23 10:00am
  • He rolled the dice. Lucky seven. He smiled, licked his lips, and shouted "MOUSETRAP!" He leapt onto his seat and did a little jig. At this, Eden jumped up and ran towards the exit. He did a backflip off the seat and followed her. They made it out the door and away.
    Sean K avatarSean K11/14/23 2:53pm

The End