14 April 2021

  • The Case of the Want my Life Weirdo
    Christine D3/28/21 8:33pm
  • was the book on Natalie’s coffee table when the police arrived. I told them about the man knocking on our sliding glass door. The shattered glass told the rest of the story. I yelled at him to leave and thought he had. I shouldn’t have showered. Natalie’s body lay lifeless by
    A P avatarA P3/31/21 6:02pm
  • the gaping hole where the windowed door used to be. Bits of glass glittered in her hair, her lifeless eyes gazing unseeing at the ceiling. “This is Natalie,” I told the police, choking back tears as I did. “Or... this *was* her. Now it’s just her... her empty shell.” Tears slid
    Sunny A avatarSunny A4/1/21 8:58pm
  • down my face, I could not contain the sadness that I had, those wounds that Natalie had from the pieces shattered glass
    Leyre G avatarLeyre G4/2/21 9:35am
  • “Natalie!” I screamed at the top of my lungs and reached into the closet to grab a broom and start sweeping up the bloody glass on the floor.
    Mel S4/4/21 9:12pm
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  • bridesmaids relax, lewd incarnations capture, ghouls laughing slow lean drum I wrote a haiku i said
    Emma M avatarEmma M4/12/21 4:49pm

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