Late Knight Snack

10 November 2021

  • The knight was moist. That was because he had fallen off his noble charger, Edgar and into a bog. Which happened to be made of chocolate. Now the slowly moving viscous chocolate was seeping into his armor, slowly penetrating every crack and crevice.
    Mako A avatar
    Mako A
    11/6/21 4:48pm
  • The sweet substance smelled heavenly, and no doubt tasted just as good, but it weighed him down as it filled up the spaces in his armor. How was he to rescue the prince if he couldn’t even stand up?
    Michael O11/8/21 10:10pm
  • He needed to lean on something steady, to steady himself, and to focus on, but as he reached for what he thought was a tree, it moved slightly.
    Barb M11/9/21 11:46pm
  • And invitingly, too. “Let’s get you out of that armor,” the were-tree purred, as it reached for a can opener.
    Mako A avatar
    Mako A
    11/10/21 3:29am

The End