In A Purple Haze at the Edge of Space

19 March 2021

  • Maybe it was the length of time I’ve spent in the silence of space, but music has meant a lot to me these last 5 years. I’d gotten used to only hearing my own breath and cursing inside my helmet, no matter how much damage my blaster did. Music helped. Time for some Hendrix.
    A P avatarA P2/24/21 6:21pm
  • Gently, I pulled the record out of its sleeve and placed it carefully onto the turntable, where I delicately set the needle and waited for the unique sound of Hendrix guitar to fill the airwaves around me. If anything was going to help, it was Jimmy.
    Sunny A avatarSunny A2/24/21 9:23pm
  • The notes slipped out of the groove, flowing from the gentle scratches of the needle. It was perfect. I focused and the water droplets began swirling upwards from the cup, forming a delicate fountain engaged in an almost hypnotic dance. Hendrix's guitar sound and the water met in
    Kara S2/25/21 9:57am
  • in the way waves reach a rocky shore, crashing then yielding to each other. They heat was suffocating but I was too mesmerized to leave. All I could do was take in the moment, sweating and swaying, swaying and sweating.
    Tracie+L M2/26/21 5:20pm
  • A sudden sense of danger threaded through my veins, ice water to cool this snake-charmed heat. I stepped back from the edge, hardly knowing where I was. What was happening to me?
    C. S avatarC. S3/19/21 12:29am
  • The cold was not just my fear. My whole body shivered and my teeth began chattering. A deceptively silky male voice came from just behind my left shoulder: "Imagine the warmth surrounding your body. The gelatinous lava envelopes you, comforts you. Why not go for a swim?"
    Dawn R avatarDawn R3/19/21 11:51am
  • Because, realizing that it would be my last swim. I know that feeling, the cold, shivering feeling. It was death creeping up on me and i didn't want to go just yet, so I told that voice "Not Today, mofo, i got some "sh*t to do."
    K T avatarK T3/19/21 2:45pm
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The End