I’ll see you

1 February 2024

  • In evenings like this I think of her. In evenings like this I feel suffocated with thoughts of her departure. After 146 days of floating in space on my own, I still cannot shake the bitter farewell playing a torturous loop in my head.
    L H avatarL H10/14/23 3:33pm
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  • I started playing Forever Winter by Taylor Swift through my headphones as I always do. The lyrics haunt me as her goodbye always haunts me. Then suddenly the song starts to skip and my headphones start making a crackling noise.
    Char J avatarChar J10/27/23 10:11am
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  • I pull out the headphones as they start to spark me. “Eeek!” I start to try and solve the puzzle in my head…as to why these damn headphones broke out of nowhere!? “Just like my heart…because I’ve been breaking down this whole time…” I fall down on the ground sobbing.
    Josh H avatarJosh H12/10/23 5:20pm
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  • Ironically, I wanted to listen to “It’s okay to cry,” by SOPHIE. I stopped sobbing at once and prayed that SOPHIE was in heaven.
    Nina D1/18 7:42am
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  • That night I was awakened by a sound like birdsong. I sat up & saw her standing at the end of my bed. "I'm happy," she said. "I'll see you when it's your time." She twinkled a bit like the Evening Star, then was gone. I felt a wash of peace flow through me & smiled back to sleep.
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C1/30 3:47pm

The End