10 December 2023

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    It's early morning. You wake up in your bed, covered in sweat. Unsure, if it had been just an exciting dream or a nightmare you try to catch your breath.
    Byline Author9/24/23 6:49am
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  • But you can't. You feel wet and scared. You look through the darkness. A man stands next to you kicking your head gently with a little hammer. Rivers of water start to flood the room and you drown. "Is this my sweat?" you wonder. It sure taste like it. That calms you down.
    D D avatarD D9/27/23 1:01pm
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  • You try to swim underwater to reach the door. But you never swum in sweat before. You start suffocating and look at the face of the man with the hammer, asking for help. But with horror you realize he has no face.
    Papa S10/6/23 11:14am
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  • He is, in fact, a humanoid hammer-shaped creature. Where a face should be is only the potted and flat surface of steel. You try so hard to process what you see. You can not. Your breath is fading fast. The hammer-man extends a hand...
    retro D avatarretro D10/10/23 11:37pm
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  • "Wanna get nailed?" he asks. The sexual harassment suit you file becomes a top story. "Hammer screwed!" read the headlines. Hammer-man loses his job. His wife leaves him and swears he'll never meet the child growing in her belly. But you sleep well. No one talks to you like that.
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C12/8/23 6:46am

The End