The Itinerant timpanist

15 December 2023

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    Steponas P avatarSteponas P11/13/23 7:17pm
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    Caitlin G avatarCaitlin G11/14/23 2:35am
  • It wasn't bad as drum lines went. It was a good audition. But could this drummer do what they really needed, which was keep 7/8 time flawlessly while the rest of the band were ruled by pure chaos? The beat was the only thing keeping them sane most days.
    Sean K avatarSean K11/14/23 2:55pm
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  • The next stepped up to his throne with a casual strut that seems like he doesn’t even care how effortlessly cool he was and sits down on the throne grabs his sticks and declares “I’ll be auditioning the song “Gnarly Absinth” originally performed by Jack “DogBird” Len in 7/8”.
    Ryan L11/26/23 8:34pm
  • The tidal wave of beats that issued from the those drumsticks was awesome to attend. The audience felt as if the fingers of God were tapping against their souls. When the drummer was done, everyone cheered, but he didn't stay for the prize, just wandered off, never giving a name.
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C12/13/23 7:52pm

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