Cheaters Never Prosper

12 March 2021

  • I took my sharpie and I wrote all over his car. I couldn’t believe that
    Johanna M
    3/4 2:22am
  • he would bring my sister into our bed and expect me not to find out. That jerk!! I sharpied little obscenities all over his stupid car, along with some rather crude and immature drawings of certain body parts. In big, bold letters, I wrote the words “CHEATERS NEVER PROSPER.”
    Sunny A
    3/4 9:34pm
  • I stood there, sharpie in hand, and admired my graffiti on his car. Some rubbing alcohol and a cloth and he’d probably be back on the prowl. I’d still be here with the pain of knowing he cheated on me with my sister. Just above dad’s toolbox I saw
    A P
    3/5 6:56pm
  • the baseball bat he used in his minor league career. That, I thought, would REALLY do some damage. I took it down from its place of honor and hefted it in my hands. Back at the car, I went for the side mirrors first, which broke with a satisfying smash. My grin felt unnatural as
    Carrie G
    3/7 5:58am
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  • snow on a hot day. Each swing felt better than the last, leaving a hunger i couldn’t feed. As a circled around the car taking pride in the damage i had done the feeling of remorse never appeared. it was almost like
    Sade A3/8 4:16pm
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  • any feeling heart I had before was pulverized within the car wreck and was replaced with pure adrenaline. Evil and good no longer existed for me as I tilted back my head and howled with bloodthirst gnawing through my veins. This was not enough. The eternal hunt for more began.
    Kara S3/10 7:43am
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The End