love and anarchy

13 December 2021

  • Watching the couple dine on the train I couldn't help but wonder how they had gotten together in the first place.
    Jonah B12/12/21 10:41pm
  • What was up with his golden afro? He was as pale as I was. And she was wearing a business suit, all pin stripes and obviously crypto-riche.
    Jonah B12/12/21 10:44pm
  • The castle was two days journey ahead, and we had no way to know who would be getting there first, the Johnsons, or my team.
    Jonah B12/12/21 10:46pm
  • When the gasping attendant wrapped up the night’s work, it was clear that the couple was not a couple at all.
    Jonah B12/12/21 10:48pm
  • They were the Johnsons, the most unlikely of twins, and underneath that golden afro was the key to the treasure: a map of the dungeon, tattooed when he was still in the incubator, having been born prematurely.
    Jonah B12/12/21 10:50pm
  • There was only one thing I could do. Decouple the train car and head to the castle via helicopter. I would have to use the force of laughter to gain momentum. But what was funny?
    Jonah B12/12/21 10:52pm
  • Pointing at the Johnsons, at the height of his hair, the laughter from the other diners shook the car and I made my move. The helicopter took up me up via my umbrella.
    Jonah B12/12/21 10:53pm
  • I had transferred the map of the dungeon into the quantum mechanics of the joke. I would be eating that treasure, a golden candy bar, by midnight.
    Jonah B12/12/21 10:55pm

The End