Night Owls

27 October 2022

  • Jerry glanced down at the photograph in his hand, then back up again at the woman sitting alone at the back of the cafe.
    Zoe B avatarZoe B10/27/22 5:57am
  • You know from the description that Earl Wiley Gave him that this was Rocky Balducci's main squeeze, Loretta, and that she was ready to spill everything she knew about what went down at the Giacondo wedding bash.
    Myke V avatarMyke V10/27/22 6:04am
  • All at once a blinding light coursed through the space. Jerry and the woman froze. And then a creature appeared, seemingly from the air itself.
    Zoe B avatarZoe B10/27/22 6:04am
  • Then Jerry knew that the son of a b**** at the bar had put something in his drink. He only left his drink for a second to go to the can. Sometimes a second it all takes..
    Myke V avatarMyke V10/27/22 6:07am

The End