Lasagna Later, Alligator

4 November 2022

  • So, she said. Here we are again. At work.
    Tara D avatarTara D10/3/22 8:39am
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  • Betty replied: Mondays always come around the corner don't they. Oh I see Damien decided to show up today.
    Nahima D10/3/22 2:56pm
  • Damien and his dame mean to show up before, and now they came to Betty and now they’d be four. But he greeted Betty with a petty grin, with a peregrine on his robotic shoulder soldered as a shoulder. Garfield the house cat caught a rat with a bat and showed her why he should have
    Jacob S avatarJacob S10/4/22 1:16am
  • lasagna. Betty was impressed. It's not every day a cat catches a rat with a bat. He must have spent years training that bat like a falcon. "Lasagna it is," Betty said & gathered the ingredients. Garfield perched on the counter to watch. "No ricotta," he mewed. Betty frowned, "But
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C10/8/22 11:25am
  • Archie and Jughead love my double-ricotta lasagna, Garfield!” The cat raised one eyebrow, pointed to the litter box, and shook his head no. Betty shuddered then said “say no more.” She got to work preparing the cat’s feast.
    Sean K avatarSean K10/24/22 1:48am
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  • Garfield got very angry! Garfield got very angry indeed! Garfield got up and walked over to Archie, Jughead and Bettie, and sliced them up with his terrifyingly sharp claws. 'Hhahahaha', he muttered to himself.
    Dylan W avatarDylan W10/30/22 7:33pm
  • He woke up on a bed of feathers. Odie looked at him suspiciously. It had all been a dream. He scratched his head. Ugh, he thought, I hate Mondays.
    Rietje B avatarRietje B11/1/22 10:45pm
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The End