A Rocky Road

27 May 2020

  • Rocky’s ears perked up in anticipation. Something moved in front of him. Was it a hand? A toy? Another dog? It didn’t matter. It was about to be in his mouth.
    Celia K avatarCelia K5/9/20 9:58pm
  • He bit down. Zoe shrieked as her sweater was shredded.
    Josh J avatarJosh J5/9/20 10:01pm
  • He regretted what he’d done immediately. Zoe tried to cover herself.
    Samantha S avatarSamantha S5/9/20 10:06pm
  • Frantic, Zoe scanned all that was surrounding her, but to no avail. She had never been peed on before! He knew he only had one option. With his face directed as low as possible, he looked Zoe square in the eye. Zoe's body sank with her heart, as she knelt down to his level.
    Jeff J avatarJeff J5/10/20 10:45pm
  • Now soaking wet, Zoe picked up the pup and continued on her journey. “It’s you and me now” she whispered. Rocky gave a low whimper in return as they entered the forest.
    Celia K avatarCelia K5/10/20 10:59pm
  • Rocky just hoped that Zoe knew where she was going. It didn’t look like there was a clear path through the woods, but she seemed confident.
    Samantha S avatarSamantha S5/14/20 8:02pm

The End