A Quick Break and Quicker Death

22 June 2023

  • BA
    A.E.T's heart had been broken once more. Her head felt like it was going to explode while her heart fell into millions of small shattered pieces. As she sits in her bed, hopelessly typing this, she wonders if she will ever find someone that won't betray her and love her.
    Byline Author5/2/23 9:11pm
  • To be loved is to be betrayed, in some sense. Your love will sometimes be grumpy, inconsiderate, have bad breath, or snore. Their humanity betrays the idealized person you want to love. But remember it’s the same for them too!
    Sean K avatarSean K5/30/23 12:06am
  • This was the give & take that Sarah toiled to understand. Her love was strong, bursting, an undeniable drumbeat by which her very soul desired to march, but she struggled to reconcile the otherness of love. That is why it took her nine years to muster the gumption to say, "I do."
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C6/20/23 9:20am

The End