Fait Accompli Nonchalantly

18 March 2021

  • “I’ll have you know ‘goblins,’ as you unenlightened savages call us, have been allowed to be employed and mingle in daylight hours in this country since the Greater Opportunity Bylaws of ‘78, and I intend to sit right here until I get an application,” I said, quite perturbed.
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    A P
    2/26/21 7:35pm
  • "I'm afraid you don't understand, ma'am. 'Goblins' do not exist in this dimension. Nor does any distinction between race. What you see before you is merely an illusion to help you in the Office of Fate. Here, applications are earned." The human office worker before me flickered
    Kara S2/28/21 10:52am
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  • in and out of existence briefly, and I thought surely if she can do it, so too can goblins. “I STILL BELIEVE IN GOBLINS!” I sang at the top of my lungs. “THEY STILL BELIEVE IN ME!” The human office worker winced at my terrible singing and rolled her eyes, flipping through pages
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    Sunny A
    2/28/21 9:24pm
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  • and studiously ignoring the flickering images of goblins around us. Slowly, as I continued singing, the images became more steady and solidified, until I no longer had to sing to keep them there. "Hi, guys," I grinned. "I suppose you're all wondering why I've called you here."
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    Dawn R
    3/13/21 1:32pm
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  • They all looked reluctant to what was happening as I said calmly "I realize this is my fault its always been my fault but.. but I can fix this like I always do. I grabbed the knife and held it to my chest.
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    Physics O
    3/16/21 10:51am
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  • Then I killed myself.
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    Emma M
    3/17/21 6:26pm

The End