Fighting The Fear

10 April 2023

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    "9-1-1, what's your emergency?" The woman on the other end asked me. As Jackson continued with his seizure, I panicked, trying to tell her that he was scaring me. She sent an ambulance and stayed on the line with me, telling me to remain calm. They took him with Lulu in the back.
    Byline Author3/28/23 11:59am
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  • I was in the hospital waiting room, waiting to see the doctors' diagnosis of Jackson's scary seizure. Our dog Lulu was right beside me. Then I noticed an even bigger problem. No one in the hospital was wearing masks. Won't they spread illness? Will Jackson get sicker? Will I?
    Raj C avatarRaj C3/28/23 1:09pm
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  • There was a knock at the door and then the doctor entered. “Good news! We were able to cure the seizures! So they will never happen again” he started. Then he walked back out. Jackson turned to me and whispered in my ear. “Bora bora” then smiled. Lulu barked in agreement.
    Keith F avatarKeith F3/28/23 6:36pm
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  • Tahiti was paradise in practically every way. Perfect weather, dynamite food, friendly locals, clean beaches, & the soothing rhythm of the surf. The couple lay on the sand, sipping fruit-laden cocktails, holding hands, when they noticed a bottle wash ashore. Lulu fetched it.
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C4/9/23 6:37am
  • Lulu took a note out the bottle. It said, “Gimme back this bottle” with an address written down at the back. It appears to be a far off island. Oh well. They went back to sipping their cocktails.
    Jacob S avatarJacob S4/9/23 9:28pm
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The End