Mixed Messages

26 December 2020

  • Jack paced nervously around the hotel room. He had been thinking about this moment for a very long time, but now that it was finally here, doubts began to seep into his mind, like the gray light from outside coming in through the curtains that didn’t exactly come together.
    Jake L avatarJake L12/22/20 8:33pm
  • His phone went off, but it was just a notification from an app for a game. What was taking so long? Feeling impatient, he reached for his phone again.
    Emily M12/23/20 12:51am
  • He had no trouble finding Maria’s number: it was the most recently dialed. Deciding instead to send a text message, he contemplated how to convey his concern for her not showing up but to play it cool, too. He landed on, “I’m here now. On your way?”
    Jake L avatarJake L12/23/20 6:10pm
  • Maria finally responded with the word: “here.” Jack texted her back with just the numbers, “519.” A jolt of excitement went through her body. As she knocked on the door, she said “Housekeeping.” Maria Consuela Lopez thought she could get away with this stereotypical joke.
    Emily M12/23/20 9:19pm
  • He pulled the door open before he overthought any further, and looked into the eyes of the woman he’d talked to for months online. But when he finally saw her there in front of him, he immediately slammed the door and twisted the deadbolt. How could he escape??
    Jake L avatarJake L12/24/20 2:13am
  • He started to pace back and forth even more, praying she didn’t recognize his face! He certainly saw hers and couldn’t believe she catfished him. How was he going to get out of this mess? “Oh, Maria Consuela Lopez! How could you trick me? Or is that even your real name?”
    Emily M12/24/20 2:00pm
  • “I’m sorry,” she said from the hallway. “My real name is Barbara, and I wasn’t honest with you because I didn’t think you’d like the real me!” Jack opened the door, prepared to make his confession too.
    Jake L avatarJake L12/24/20 4:49pm
  • He realized that she may have lied, but he lied too. It’s not that Barbara was hideous; she just wasn’t what he was expecting. “Well, I have something to tell you too,” Jack solemnly said as Barbara entered the room.
    Emily M12/24/20 5:32pm
  • “I’m actually a woman,” he blurted out. “Well, I was born one. I’m still pre-op, but I’m hoping to save up enough for the surgery soon. I understand if you want to leave now.” “What?” she exclaimed. “I was born a man! I gave had the surgery though.” So what does this all mean?”
    Jake L avatarJake L12/25/20 6:42pm
  • Suddenly, they both realized that this match could possibly work out after all. So, “Jane” and “Bob” lived happily ever after.
    Emily M12/26/20 12:01am
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The End