Waiting for the Blue Beanie

Sarah's been waiting months for something and the day has finally come. But it is not what she expects.

26 October 2023

  • Sarah tapped her fingers against the desk, keeping her eyes on the clock. 2 more minutes. "This is important," her teacher said, pointing at the algebra on the board. Sarah couldn't care less. All that mattered to her was what was going to happen in one minute and thirty seconds.
    N 88/19/23 11:23am
  • Sarah impatiently drums her hand on her desk. The classroom is silent except for the slow droning of Mr. Low explaining the concept of derivatives. Her eyes swivel to the big glass windows on the far side of the classroom, holding her her breath as the clock zeros in “3…2…1”.
    Acissej N avatarAcissej N9/10/23 2:39am
  • The bell finally rings. The time has come that she has been waiting for during the last anticipated six months. It was time to meet Brad. Her secret online dating lover!
    Anon A9/28/23 8:31pm
  • She quickly collects her things and practically runs to the Cat Café. Brad said he'd be wearing a blue beanie. When she opens the café door, her heart skips a beat. The blue beanie is there. But the costumer wearing it looks nothing like Brad did in his dating profile.
    Eva . avatarEva .10/5/23 5:40pm
  • Brad was honest about being a costumer, and costuming is essentially disguise. He was in disguise in the cat cafe, as he was in his dating profile picture, as he also was in his author photo on the back of his book. Sometimes he forgot his own face.
    Sean K avatarSean K10/25/23 5:09pm

The End