Master of Your Domain

26 March 2024

  • Elaine and George had planned to meet at the diner. They were surprised to find that it was now a chain drugstore. They went to Starbucks instead. Elaine asked “have you heard anything from Kramer since he left the city?” George sighed. “Yeah, he’s gone off the deep end.”
    Sean K avatarSean K1/6 3:56pm
  • Elaine frowned, “another poor unfortunate soul, eh? I saw stars in his eyes. But that’s a story for another time. What were the telltale signs that he’d, ‘gone off the deep end?’”
    Nina D1/19 9:31am
  • George ticked off the list on his fingers: "Levels, for one. Then he wanted to name his kid 'Isosceles.' Paranoia about the glitterati. Accusing others of being anti-dentites. Once he had this cockamamie plan to fill a yoga ball with crude oil and—" Suddenly the door burst open.
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C1/24 8:37am
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  • An avalanche of…ANTS!! Yes, marabunta. Yes, red and also shiny and also legs legs legs. And swiftly they picked him up, and named him king.
    S F1/24 3:28pm
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  • Yes. King George. The ants all carried him to the giant anthill, where he was presented to the Ant Queen. They all bowed before her as she saw this giant before her. “You know what to do,” one of the ants whispered in her ear. But could she? She shuddered to think of him as king.
    Jacob S avatarJacob S3/24 10:09am
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The End