Night Owls

7 July 2024

  • Jerry glanced down at the photograph in his hand, then back up again at the woman sitting alone at the back of the cafe.
    Zoe B avatarZoe B7/7 7:31am
  • The woman at the back of the cafe started to pull a glock out of her back pocket, pointed it at Jerry, then began to pull the trigger.
    Yestez avatarYestez7/7 7:33am
  • All at once a blinding light coursed through the space. Jerry and the woman froze. And then a creature appeared, seemingly from the air itself.
    Zoe B avatarZoe B7/7 7:33am
  • The creature took the gun, and shot a ship filled with aliens, making it fall to the ground and destroy everything around it, including Jerry and the woman.
    Yestez avatarYestez7/7 7:34am

The End