A grueling contest

27 October 2023

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    "So." Archer put his hand on Delilah's swollen stomach. "What should we name her?"
    Byline Author9/2/23 12:55am
  • Delilah slaps Archer's hand away. "Look whose talking! You ate just as much if not more." She pokes his belly causing a big enough jiggle to be a 7 on the Richter scale. "Fair enough!" Archer raises his hands. "We'll have to make sacrifices if we are to be eating contest champs."
    Knolium T9/21/23 9:59pm
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  • On the day of their first competition, both Delilah and Archer felt ready. They thought they had practiced with every type of food imaginable. But they were in for a surprise...
    Eva . avatarEva .10/10/23 12:29pm
  • The two unprepossessing entrants were assigned what the boss said was “cruel gruel” — the chewed food remains vomited by the previous contestants.
    DK B10/13/23 11:57pm
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  • One contestant slowly picked up a spoon and started eating, visibly gagging. The other stood up and loudly said “NOPE.” She grabbed her jacket and walked straight out of the room, out of the building, then directly to the state labor office to file a formal complaint.
    Sean K avatarSean K10/25/23 5:06pm

The End