Life Is A Game

2 March 2021

  • He brought his hands together in glee, his eyes gleaming. He received looks as if he had lost his mind, but that just increased his initial excitement. He finally knew the truth.
    Harmonie W
    2/22 6:35pm
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  • These people weren’t real. They were all part of an advanced simulation, so why should he care what they thought or the looks they gave? Still, simulations could be dangerous. If he gave away that he knew, they could easily lock him away in a psychiatric ward, then he could never
    Sunny A
    2/22 6:47pm
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  • escape either physically or mentally. Just don't look, he thought to himself. Don't look. But it was hard, especially with an entire group glaring at him as they passed by in the simulation. Step by step he tried to calmly pick his way through the beta testing until- "Christy?"
    Kara S2/23 10:47am
  • He was confused. “My name isn’t Christy.” “No one uses their real names here,” the game master said. Right. The simulation seemed so real that I had forgotten where I was.
    Tracie+L M2/26 5:23pm
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  • I looked at my hands and realized even those had been different just moments ago. The simulation had seemed so real. The game master repeated himself. Distant now. I put the equipment onto a table and walked into the deep green jungle just beyond the lab.
    A P
    2/27 2:31pm
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  • What I found in the jungle was unbelievable. Neolithic stone skyscrapers, ruins from a civilization long past. Did these ancient people live in this jungle and only come to the cave to experience simulations. Or was I still in a simulation myself ?
    Michael K
    3/2 6:46am
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The End