26 March 2024

  • Fortuneteller Carter Cano did not foresee finding a dead body.
    Wandering H2/4 2:25am
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  • As a successful fortune teller, there were hardly any surprises in his life. Now, Carter has to deal not only with the sudden death of his sweet fiancée but also with the police considering him the prime suspect of the murder.
    Andrea C avatarAndrea C2/4 2:32am
  • “Damn these cards! Why did I have to do my own tarot reading!” Carter shouted. “The professor always warned me about self-prophecy!” Distraught, Carter begrudgingly shuffled down the dimly-lit sidewalk towards his home.
    James B2/4 2:37am
  • The image of the knight on horseback was still fresh in his mind. Death could strike from anywhere now, even from the top of buildings looming over him. Carter kept his eyes peeled for a tall hooded figure wielding a scythe.
    Joshua P avatarJoshua P2/4 6:03am
  • Then, Carter saw it: a tall hooded figure wielding a scythe, looming over him. Carter stilled. What, no, this couldn’t possibly be happening, he thought. Oh, no way——oh god please no why, his mind spiraled. Overwhelmed, Carter groaned and started to cry.
    Gretchen P avatarGretchen P2/4 6:24am
  • Why had Death come for him? He’d stumbled upon its last quarry by pure chance, and the tarot cards suggested a future of love and prosperity. New experiences. And ones he would’t miss. He turned to run, as if his life depended on it.
    A B2/4 2:51pm
  • But Death grabbed him by the collar, as he took off his hood, revealing a skull. “Come with me,” it whispered, extending its bony hand towards him. “Why?” “I… don’t know. It’s just that I’ve been having feelings for you lately. It sure gets lonely wandering about, all by myself.”
    Jacob S avatarJacob S3/26 5:15am

The End