The Love Of Death

Part 1

4 October 2023

  • Love is a beautiful thing. Share it at all costs.
    D G9/5/23 2:10am
  • BA
    Think about it. If someone needs love; you should give it to them! No one wants to live their life in misery! But sometimes... they don't know how to stop it.
    Byline Author9/5/23 3:10am
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  • Think about it. With great power assumes great responsibility. Didn’t Superman’s dad say something like that?
    CJ B9/8/23 3:04pm
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  • There was no doubt about what had to be done. Looking at that great power that assumes this responsibility, I put it back in its case, threw it in the ocean, and ran.
    Acissej N avatarAcissej N9/10/23 2:18am
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  • I kept running and running, away from the ocean, to forget what I just did. Just throw it to the ocean! What a dumb idea! I look back for a moment and I realize one thing:
    D D avatarD D9/27/23 12:43pm
  • If life has taught me anything, it's that the ocean is great at keeping secrets. And guess what? So am I.
    Eva . avatarEva .9/28/23 2:37pm
  • Now what secret, you may ask? Hah. Forget it. You’re not fooling me that easily. Dead bodies in the sea don’t speak, and do I.
    Jacob S avatarJacob S10/2/23 11:28pm
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The End