Truth behind the mission

17 March 2023

  • It was a dark night and Mr.J was still out. I had been eyeing him for three days now, but found nothing. There was just nothing special about the guy. He worked 9 to 5, always went to the same bar and came home early. But tonight was different. He was doing something in the park.
    Greg P3/14 3:08pm
  • BA
    I hid behind a tree, watching him smoke a cigarette. Looking closer, I could see he was crying. I gasped, holding a hand over my mouth. 'Why is he crying?' I thought. Do I walk over to him? Do I stay here? Will he think I'm weird when I say that I've been watching him? I . . .
    Byline Author3/14 3:36pm
  • I'm not sure how to tell him. I was told not to do this, but I have to. I mean, wouldn't you... Wouldn't you want to meet your brother, the one you thought was dead...
    K T avatarK T3/14 3:48pm
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  • So I defied protocol. I became visible to my brother and I told him that I was alive. My brother screamed. He ran away. "Why are you running from me, brother? I am alive! Not dead! Isn't this joyous?" I shouted as I tailed him. Then I slipped on a puddle and saw my reflection.
    Raj C avatarRaj C3/15 3:14am
  • To my disbelief, I saw starring back at me not a pair of eyes but a single lens sodered onto metal body. I was a robot. They lied to me... How could they do this?! I started to run away but a van pulled up and two men hopped out. One of them pressed a button and everything froze.
    Keith F avatarKeith F3/16 10:56pm
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The End