Night Owls

8 January 2022

  • Jerry glanced down at the photograph in his hand, then back up again at the woman sitting alone at the back of the cafe.
    Zoe B avatar
    Zoe B
    1/8 6:49pm
  • She didn’t look up, focused intently on the morning newspaper. She was close to his age and he thought perhaps they had met before but he could t think of where or when.
    Adam E1/8 6:51pm
  • All at once a blinding light coursed through the space. Jerry and the woman froze. And then a creature appeared, seemingly from the air itself.
    Zoe B avatar
    Zoe B
    1/8 6:51pm
  • The woman screamed. Without hesitation, Jerry leaped onto the back of the beast and wrestled it to the ground.
    Adam E1/8 6:54pm

The End