In Prison for Writing Satire: Part II

Let the Eating Contest Death Game Begin!

14 March 2023

This story is a sequel

For it was on this day that I knew that we would no longer be plagued with wastes and pestilence. With the new rule we would never waste food again. Just then a bunch of obese people came in and yelled “foood fiight!” Later that evening we were all forced to lick the floor clean.
Keith F @ 3/13 2:52am
  • Now that those initial silly days of food fights and the 3 minute rule were over with, it was time for the boring prison escape arc. Mainly because the new regime made a new rule where every prisoner has to participate in a death game once a year, and that doesn't sound very fun.
    Raj C avatarRaj C3/13 2:57am
  • ... that's because previous "death games" were like The Purge, this time they wanted something different, like "competitive eating" or a new one called "Chase the Rabbit"...
    K T avatarK T3/13 3:18am
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  • And so we find our contestants gathered in a dining hall of the dystopian streets, with nothing better to do than eat. “Alright combatants, today we will be eating…. to death!” This challenge took competitive eating to a whole new level. They lined up waiting for food.
    Keith F avatarKeith F3/14 5:03am
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  • There had been a twist added to this venue. Some dishes had broken glass as an ingredient, while others were steeped in pharmaceuticals. The only way to know was to 'dig in'. "Fork in hand, let chance join gluttony to decide thy fate."
    Joseph ' avatarJoseph '3/14 4:59pm
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  • But Emmalyn was from a long line of sword swallowers. She'd inherited the family's throat of steel & titanium tummy. She inhaled the deadly meal, glass, toxins, & all. She didn't even need to burp when it was done, but did anyway because the other side of her family were clowns.
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C3/14 6:24pm
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The End