1 January 2020

  • “Have you tried the butter-laced fried socks,” he asked the beautiful woman at the bar. The minute the words we’re out of his mouth he felt foolish.
    Giovanna B8/5/19 1:33am
  • She looked at him in astonishment and simpered “Why they’re my favorite “.
    Barbara B9/7/19 8:23pm
  • Enboldened by her enthusiasm, he pushed further. "And what about the raspberry coulis roasted shoes?" She turned and looked at him with disgust. "Have you no shame? Don't you know about the coulis incident...?"
    Giovanna B9/11/19 8:04pm
  • Well yes he stuttered, but I wasn’t sure anyone knew about that. It was so many years ago and since then we’ve only used old slippers. So much better for the environment don’t you know.
    Barbara B9/15/19 8:27pm
  • Ahahhhhh geheh
    Giovanna B1/1/20 3:58pm

The End