Cadavre exquisite test

20 August 2021

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  • Cadavre exquis test Dieu est toujours le gagnant
    Ben P8/19 1:33am
  • He rang his bell and shouted. “Look great in your coffin! Be the star of the cemetery! Make sure your corpse is exquisite! Only 30 francs!”
    Sean K
    8/20 11:24am
  • Business boomed. (The plague helped.) The dead grandmas & Uncle Pierres he fixed looked so good, people started to go to him for help improving their image while they were alive. Pasty faces, waxen lips, & folded hands were all the rage. Thus started the Great Goth Fad of 1716.
    Benjamin C
    8/20 12:35pm

The End