It's a DeVito Miracle!

8 April 2021

  • "I only agreed to this because you told me Danny DeVito would be here!"
    Lynsie L avatarLynsie L4/5/21 2:44pm
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  • “I am here,” Danny DeVito chuckled as he stepped out of the shadows with a katana gripped in his hands.
    Mel S4/5/21 4:17pm
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  • He looked like a black chicken but I did not laugh nor did I look scared. Luckuly he didn't see me and only Bob.
    KadKad K avatarKadKad K4/5/21 10:08pm
  • We already knew what will happen to us. Bob shuffles for his shattered glasses on the floor. His eyes began to focus.
    emily W avataremily W4/7/21 8:12am
  • As if by a true miracle, he realized he could see without his glasses. He saw where they lay on the floor and picked them up, just in case. But he truly hoped the miracle would last.
    Sunny A avatarSunny A4/7/21 10:04pm

The End